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Cuca Fresca Prata Silver

  • we85-89
Cuca Fresca Prata Silver

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Crystal clear. The nose is wildly fruity offering a cool mélange of fruit scents ranging from guava to orange with hints of a tropical influence with accents of blanched almonds. The palate echoes the nose perfectly offering waves of silky soft fruit complemented by wet grass and pure cane juice. The ideal slate for cocktail creativity.
Category Cachaca
Region Brazil
Brand Cuca Fresca
Alcohol/vol 40%
  • we85-89

Wine EnthusiastSmells acutely rubbery and industrial right from the get-go; further air contact brings about a wide array of scents, including model airplane glue, wax paper, dill, saltine cracker and pickling brine. Palate entry is satiny, green veggie-like, grassy; midpalate offers an oily texture (which I like) and off-dry tastes of margarine/ oleo, green olive and brine. Concludes medium-weighted, more bittersweet now than off-dry, and zesty.

July 1, 2009