Glen Moray Port Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky 25 year old


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Colour: Orange Gold. Nose: Experiencing the aroma of this fine whisky is an occasion in itself. The flavours engulf the senses like Scottish mist rolling in over the hills. Layers of vanilla oak are interspersed with sweet aromatic wine, a truly wonderful combination. Dried fruits with a hint of cinnamon spice emerge later. A beautifully balanced and mature nose. Taste: The initial toffee sweetness is a joy to behold. Warming rich and hugely satusfying. The taste experience continues with port infused candied dried fruits coming to the fore. The degree of complexity is outstanding, every sip takes you in a slightly different direction. 25 years in the finest ex-Bourbon casks delivers spice and body whilst the finish in Port cask yields complexity and incredible depth of flavour.
Category Single Malt Scotch
Country United Kingdom
Region Scotland
Appellation Speyside
Brand Glen Moray