Fair Goji Berry Liqueur 375ml

Fair Goji Berry Liqueur 375ml

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FAIR. Goji is made from the legendary, sacred Goji berry fruit. Considered as one of the most nutritious fruits on earth, it was harvested by tibetan monks for thousands of years and worshipped by locals as source of eternal happiness. Our Goji berries are found in still very remote unpolluted valleys of Himalaya where the soil is loved and respected. After a very strict selection, our Master liquorist is extracting the essence of the fruit in order to create the finest liqueur. FAIR. Goji offers a totally new flavor with notes of cranberry, cherry and plum but you will also feel its extraordinary nurturing vitality. FAIR. Goji is the latest source of inspiration for fresh and healthy cocktails.
Category Liqueur
Region France
Brand Fair