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Crater Lake Vodka

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Crater Lake Vodka

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Most ultra-premium vodkas are filtered three to five times. Crater Lake Vodka is slowly filtered 10 times through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock and then aged slightly in oak. This technique is long and painstaking but makes Crater Lake Vodka one of the smoothest vodkas in the world with it a soft, spring water feel that hints slightly of vanilla. Crater Lake Vodka is an excellent selection for any cocktail that calls for ultra-premium vodka. Real vodka connoisseurs though will most appreciate Crater Lake in a classic dry vodka martini
Category Vodka
Region United States
Brand Crater Lake
Alcohol/vol 40%
  • we87

Wine EnthusiastThe aroma is distant except for a slight corny/buttered popcorn trace. Palate entry is silky smooth and oily; at midpalate there's a sooty/ashy core flavor. Ends smoothly and with a touch of spirity fire. Not a great vodka, but nicely balanced, completely dry and very silky.

June 20, 2006