Makana Meadery Iqhilika African Birds Eye Chili Mead

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This mead is aged over roasted, indigenous African chili peppers which lend a spicy tickle to the palate.

Stimulating & bold, this mead is best paired with fried fish dishes, curries, or as an aperitif at dinner parties. It also serves well as an ingredient in many cocktails. 

Aroma is wonderful showcasing both flavors ‚Äì honey & chili. This mead is somewhat of a surprise to the senses. The African chili peppers lend an interesting wooded nose to the mead. 

Honey flavors are immediately followed by hot pepper flavors ‚Äì pepper heat lingers into finish. Acid/tannin/alcohol balance quite good. Extremely complex balance of honey & pepper. Pepper heat not overwhelming. Delightful and inviting. 

Spicy finish.

Makana Meadery is a modern, hi-tech African Meadery making African style meads with a global approach. Advanced recipes are used, and the mead is filtered and packaged so that it is both attractive and pleasant to consume. In this way the meadery is bridging the divide between a largely dormant European mead drinking culture, and a vibrant African mead drinking culture - creating and preserving the history of mead drinking.

iQhilika is a unique, fermented honey beverage produced within the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. The Xhosa people, as well as the descendants of the Khoi-San group of peoples who inhabit the region, produced the beverage by taking the specially-prepared roots of succulents of the Trichodiadema genus and mixing this with honey, fruits, and/or spices. Sometimes pollen or an extract of bee larvae (similar to 'royal jelly') is added to the brew.

Category Mead
Country South Africa
Brand Makana Meadery
Alcohol/vol 12%