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Dominio de Pingus Flor de Pingus 2016
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Dominio de Pingus Flor de Pingus 2016

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Category Red Wine
Region Spain, Ribera del Duero
Brand Dominio de Pingus
Alcohol/vol 14.5%
With the escalating inaccessibility of Peter's top wines, we've seen demand for Flor de Pingus soar. The reason is simple: despite its attractive price, it brings you thrillingly close to a true Pingus experience. In other words, it's one of the most masterfully expressed examples of old-vine Ribera del Duero to be had. Flor de Pingus is sourced from parcels of old vines in the same La Horra zone of Ribera del Duero as Pingus and Amelia. Peter carefully manages their viticulture, ensuring low yields and fabulous old-vine concentration. The parcels are even biodynamically farmed like the vines of Pingus and Amelia. In the cellar, Peter treats Flor much as he does his elite wines. Following the primary and malolactic fermentations, it is left alone in barrel to develop its brilliant expression of Tempranillo and terroir. And as each year passes, we see greater depth, finesse and classicism due to Peter's subtle refinements. In many respects Flor mirrors Pingus itself, with similarly high standards of winemaking. It is no wonder that in 2008, The Wine Advocate's Jay Miller wrote of Flor de Pingus: "In the price/quality sweepstakes, this might be Spain's finest wine."
Wine Advocate
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I also tasted the unbottled 2016 Flor de Pingus before, so a revisit now, some 15 months after it was bottled, was due. There is great freshness in these 2016s, with a character that reminded me of orange peel, citrus and floral. There is great balance in the palate, and the tannins are velvety within the faintly rustic character of the zone; keeping the style of the zone, that texture is what Peter Sisseck calls "three-dimensional" tannins-very clean and focused, long and tasty and ending with great freshness. They were able to harvest early with proper ripeness and tons of freshness; in fact, that year they finished harvesting when some had not even started in the zone... In the future, they will include some Garnacha in the blend of Flor de Pingus (starting with 2018 with a very small percentage), as they have planted some vines selected from old vineyards in the region. They now have 35 hectares from four parajes in the village of La Horra for this wine, and in 2016, they produced 105,000 bottles. It was bottled in June 2018.

Luis Gutierrez, December 30, 2019