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Bénédictine B & B Liqueur Gift Set 750ml
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Bénédictine B & B Liqueur Gift Set

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Category Liqueur
Region France
Brand Bénédictine
B&B Liqueur is comprised of two parts - subtle, spiced Benedictine Liqueur and fine French cognac. It's a balance of flavors in a pour that tastes smooth yet finishes bold. The rich, noble notes of B&B are perfectly enjoyed neat in a snifter, yet are equally appealing in a fine selection of cocktails.
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  • we96-100

The bouquet is mesmerizing with multiple layers of fragrances that include pine/cedar, quinine, fennel, white pepper, licorice, mace, allspice, sage and rosemary. An orange zest flavor appears at palate entry; midpalate finds exotic tastes of orange zest, tangerine zest, multiple herbs and spices, honey and pine. A fabulous liqueur.

May 1, 2008