Siembra Metl Don Mateo de la Sierra Cupreata Mezcal

Siembra Metl Don Mateo de la Sierra Cupreata Mezcal

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The terroir of Michoacan is characterized by its rivers; the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt with many active, dormant and extinct volcanoes; and the variety of forests from conifer to tropical. The Vieyra Vinata is cut into the side of a hill in the steep highlands above Morelia in the Rio Balsas region surrounded by temperate evergreen forest. The high-altitude climate is characterized by sandy-soil and moderate rainfall. The forest floor is soft with pine needles, moss and a red sandy clay; all of which are influences in the flavor profile of Siembra Metl Cupreata. The pungent, smoky-sweet smells of the agave hit the nose like herbaceous, wet earth. Then, like afternoon in the vinata the palate warms with a silky texture; the flavors of roasting agaves and the resinous pine bark. The finish bursts in different areas of the mouth with fresh cut agaves and the meadows of Pino Bonito. Glass rested for 6 months and hand-bottled.
Category Mezcal
Region Mexico
Brand Siembra Metl
Alcohol/vol 46%