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Torraccia del Piantavigna Ghemme 2009
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Torraccia del Piantavigna Ghemme 2009


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Colour: ruby-red, verging on gold Nose: delicate, elegant and persistent, with suggestions of violet and liquorice Flavour: dry, sapid and potent, with soft tannins and good residual acidity.

Torraccia del Piantavigna has vineyards in both Ghemme and Gattinara, the two D.O.C.G. areas within the D.O.C. areas of the Colline Novaresi and Vercelli in Northern Piemonte. D.O.C.G. means ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita’ and applies to only the 73 most tightly regulated areas of Italy where strict maximum yields, best practices and rigid quality-control are applied. For a wine to be called Ghemme, it must not only come from the selected D.O.C.G. vineyards, but the yield cannot exceed 2,200 kg per acre, it must age for at least 3 years. We exceed all these demands, in all cases. The exclusivity of the wine is also linked to the fact that the D.O.C.G. covers a mere 140 acres of the finest vineyards in the area. The soil is of fluvial and alluvial origin, from the glacial river which ran down from Monte Rosa. It is quite heavy with clay content and relatively acidic. Most importantly, cool air flows down from the mountains, providing large thermal differences between night and day, favouring the development of full aromas in the grape. Ghemme is a rich full-bodied wine with strong tannins that require significant ageing. A unique wine known throughout the ages for its richness, fullness of flavour and ability to mesmerise when at its best. Not as well-known as its sister wine, Gattinara, Ghemme, with a growing number of quality producers creating superb wines, is undoubtedly destined to regain its stature as one of the most prestigious wine-growing areas of Italy.