Boundary Breaks No. 198 Finger Lakes Riesling Reserve 2018 - Liquors Inc.
Boundary Breaks No. 198 Finger Lakes Riesling Reserve 2018
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Boundary Breaks No. 198 Finger Lakes Riesling Reserve 2018


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Rieslings can be made in many styles from austere, bone-dry wines to sumptuous dessert wines. One of the classic styles of Riesling is the "Spätlese" style originating in Germany. This is a style of wine made from fruit picked later in the harvest season when it has achieved rich, tropical flavors. The fermentation of this ripe fruit is stopped at a relatively low level of alcohol and a correspondingly higher level of residual sugar. Our Riesling Reserve #198 is made in this "Spätlese" style. The resulting wine is bursting with fruit. It is the only wine we make that could be considered a "sweeter" wine. Wine consumers who enjoy classic, sweeter Rieslings will find this wine will meet even the highest of expectations. Just as we believe that dry Rieslings need to carry a hint of residual sugar to keep them in balance, we also believe that our Reserve Riesling should carry sufficient acidity as well. The nose and mid- palate of this wine deliver intense fruit, while it finishes with a clean, zip of acidity. The burst of acidity on the finish of this wine makes it more than a "sweet Riesling"; it is a complex, classic Riesling in the Old World Spätlese style. Food Pairing: Riesling is one of the world's most food-friendly wines. This Reserve Riesling #198 is specifically designed to pair well with spicy Asian or Indian foods. The natural sweetness in the wine cuts through the heat and complexity of any heavily-spiced cuisine.