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Larressingle Armagnac Napolean 750ml
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Larressingle Armagnac Napolean

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Category Armagnac
Origin France, Armagnac, Bas-Armagnac
Brand Larressingle
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Larressingle Napoleon is amber/orange in color with rich aromas of dried fruits and notes of oak. On the palate, there is a perfect balance of complexity and strength that will delight Armagnac aficionados. The highest-quality Armagnac is usually enjoyed after dinner as a contemplative drink. It should be served at cool room temperature and allowed to warm in the glass, which slowly releases waves of aroma. Pour about 1 inch of Armagnac into a thin tulip-shaped glass or a snifter. The glass may be held in the palm of the hand to warm the liquid. Pause to smell the aromas, then take small sips to appreciate the Armagnac's smooth texture, its expressive layers of flavor and its lengthy finish.
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The aroma is resiny, with just a hint of vanilla. The dry palate shows a similar effect, opening with resin and cedar, plus a dusting of cocoa and a floral hint. The spiced exhale offers clove, black pepper, cayenne, leather and a hint of honey.

Kara Newman, December 31, 2018

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