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Tierras Reposado Tequila 750ml
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Tierras Reposado Tequila


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Category Reposado
Origin Mexico
Brand Tierras
Tequila Tierras is a brand that is making a difference. And in doing so, it is bringing many positive attributes to its growing number of followers and fans. Delicious, approachable, engaging, fun! Tequila Tierras reminds us that the simple pleasures are the lasting pleasures. Tierras reminds us that being socially conscious and caring about our planet can be fun, rewarding, and delicious. Tequila Tierras is the first USDA Organic Tequila in the United States. It is hand selected, and hand made from 100 percent organic blue agave grown at the finest organic farms in Jalisco, Mexico. Its unique and authentic organic taste is worthy of the most demanding tequila palate, and environmentally concerned consumer. Rested: 4 months - 12 months. Color: Light Golden Straw. Nose: Pronounced mandarin orange and lime with hints of wood. Mouth Feel: Light, multilayered and smooth. Taste: Creamy and spicy with a hint of smoke. Finish: Crisp and clean.

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