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El Tequileno Platino Tequila 750ml
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El Tequileno Platino Tequila


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Category Blanco
Origin Mexico
Brand El Tequileno
Alcohol/vol 38%
To the eye: A luminous, brilliant white color, with silver streaks and grey tones. To the nose: The first impression is the aroma of the cooked agave, with herbal flashes of mint, delicate nuances of anis and black pepper with an elegant finish of olives, well balanced since the perception of alcohol is faint. To the mounth: An intense attack, sweet and with a delicate sour finish, confirms the herbal aromas and spices leaving a great permanence. Recomendations: It can be appreciated and enjoyed by itself. It can also be combined, since it mixes marvelously with any soft drink or fruit juice without losing its personality and taste.

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