Crater Lake Black Butte Whiskey 750ml - Liquors Inc.
Crater Lake Black Butte Whiskey 750ml
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Crater Lake Black Butte Whiskey


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Category Single Malt Whiskey
Origin United States, Oregon
Brand Crater Lake
Proof 94.00
Crater Lake Sprits has joined forces with Deschutes Brewery to create this unique whiskey from Black Butte Porter. Though it may hail from Oregon, Black Butte Whiskey is not your simple western, cowboy whiskey. It's a sipper not a shooter. An inspiration in a bottle. Given its dual origins it deserves its own place in the liquor cabinet. Aged in new #4 char American oak barrels, the resulting whiskey retains the malty, chocolatey notes of Black Butte Porter and gains woody, earthy flavors from the oak. This is a collaboration of masters who've created a liquid intended to be timeless in taste and appreciation.

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