Domaine Germain Pere et Fils Pommard 2020 750ml - Liquors Inc.
Domaine Germain Pere et Fils Pommard 2020 750ml
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Domaine Germain Pere et Fils Pommard 2020


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Deep red, dark ruby ​​purple with aromas of blackberry, blueberry or currant, cherry stone. A feline and wild evolution is not uncommon over time. Maturity directs it towards leather, chocolate, pepper. A wine to be left to age a little so that it opens up fully: round texture, delicate and assertive structure, fruity on the palate, the tannic mash then taking on its roundness. This masculine wine from the Côte de Beaune is a delight with wild meats, as its tannins are massive and dense. Game with hair and feathers, braised or roasted will find in the Pommard an essential interlocutor. Beef and lamb steaks will also appreciate the firm texture of its tannins and its concentrated aromas.

Tasting notes

The fame of Pommard in the 19th century earned it the image of a wine that is both forceful and virile. In reality, time, terroir and methods of vinification of Domaine GERMAIN have all combined to create a more subtle reality, a wine that is both richer and more sensitive. Its colour is the deep, dark red with mauve highlights. Its aromas are redolent of blackberry, bilberry, or gooseberry, cherry pit and ripe plum. Often, wild and feline notes develop with age. At full maturity, it tends towards leather, chocolate and pepper. It needs to be given time to open up to its fullest extent and to display its mouth-filling texture, its firm but delicate structure, its fruit-filled mouth, and its chewy tannins, which by then will be properly smoothed down.

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