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Nardini Grappa Mandorla 750ml
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Nardini Grappa Mandorla

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Category Grappa
Origin Italy, Veneto
Brand Nardini
Alcohol/vol 50%
The natural infusion of bitter almond in the grape pomace, combined with the cherry distillate, makes Nardini "Mandorla" a balanced and pleasant-tasting product. An excellent first time approach to the world of grappa.
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First whiffs pick up scents of almonds, marshmallows and honey; later sniffings detect aromas that accent and isolate the almond element. Palate entry is medium-bodied in weight and moderately sweet, nutty and toasty in taste; at midpalate a moderately fiery flash of spirit makes an impression. Ends up zesty, nutty, mildly sweet and clean.

June 5, 2006

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